Your Expensive Sex Life

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Here’s the deal. Every time you stick that dick inside your girl? You’re going to pay ME. All the satisfaction in your sex life stems directly from me anyway. All the videos you watch. The stroking you’ve done. The stroking you’ve done to keep your current sex life interesting. That’s been because of me. And you can’t deny it has made things more exciting. 

On top of that, you can probably get rock hard just imagining… All those things I do on camera. While you’re inside her. You’ll be picturing me every time your eyes close. Every moan of hers, you’ll think of my moans.


Every smile, what about this one?


Every tease…


It’s only fair to pay the piper.






And what does this sound like? Mmmm you’re paying me... To have sex with… YOUR girl. Mmmmhmm. Your girl, she’s my bitch. I’m her pimp. So prepare to pay for that pussy. Every single time…

Just like you pay for this one right here.


You want in on that hot, tight girl of yours… Remember there’s a toll to pay. And it’s to me.



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