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I'm Ivy Starshyne! Hello! I have an inkling you've found me through other sources, am I right? Perhaps from videos, audios, social media? It's likely you've even seen me naked . Gasp! 😀 This blog will be my own special place for the scripts I've written and love enough to share. Not all of my videos are done with a script, but some of the best do have some written dialogue to entice the masses and cause some excitement in all sorts of fun ways! And that's where this blog will come in to share the written hype. ✍ Along with each script, you'll be directed to the main studio where you can find the clip it belongs to. You can see how it looks in gif/preview form and choose to watch, which I hope you'll do! Maybe you prefer the words over the video? That's fine! However, many of these are written in such a way that you may be so inclined to want to watch as well. It may bring you to a point where you've just got to see those words in action! 🤤 With

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